construction management


Pontus International offers a proactive approach to construction management (CM). This lowers cost, improves quality and minimizes construction claims. We offer tailored CM services to all our clients depending by their needs and expectations.
Our CM services include field Site Supervision, Quality management, Safety, Constructability, Construction coordination, field engineering and contract management.
We may perform construction management function as part of the broader project management function, or the client may engage a separate company to perform this function.
Depending upon the particular project, construction management services may:
• provide input to the design and review the contract documents regarding constructability and cost;
• provide input to the project schedule regarding construction activities;
• recommend tendering strategies and procedures and the selection of tenderers, including tenders for pre-purchased equipment;
• call, receive, review, evaluate and compare tenders, recommend contract awards, and (if so authorized) award contracts for construction;
• mobilize and manage the construction site; arrange for the provision of temporary facilities; organize
site logistics, including materials storage and storage off-site for pre-purchased materials and equipment, site safety and security and statutory requirements; arrange for site clean-up;
• mobilize contractors and review their schedules, proposed personnel, equipment selection and methodology;
• provide day-to-day coordination, scheduling, and superintendence of construction;
• expedite the submission and review of shop drawings and samples;
• contracts administration with contractors, issue field instructions and field work authorizations as necessary, request quotations for changes, and issue change orders as necessary. Take reasonable measures to control situations that could lead to claims and maintain sufficient records to protect the client from unjustified claims and to permit recovery on client claims against others;
• monitor progress and cost, take reasonable measures to control progress and cost, and report to the client
• call for inspection and correction of defective work;
• Certify contractor’s requests for payment, including progress certifications, substantial completion, and final completion. Monitor compliance with applicable construction lien legislation;
• arrange for the client to receive items such as as-built drawings, operating manuals, and operating instructions
• administration of the correction of faults during the warranty period.