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For major capital projects, structured reviews of progress and planning are often done at significant stage gate to validate activities as being consistent with objectives and, as appropriate, to identify/review additional methodology, the pursuit of which could enhance the overall execution of the project.
Cold Eyes Reviews (CER) is the methodology applicable in this case, where to ensure objectivity reviewers have little or no working experience with the project being reviewed. However, the reviewers usually have extensive experience with major capital projects in general, thus making them ideally qualified to perform a CER.
The primary objectives of a CER are to provide an impartial assessment of the overall status of the project, to appraise the adequacy of the plans, procedures and schedules, and to evaluate the project team’s ability to achieve its stated Safety, Quality, Cost and Schedule objectives.
A CER is often organized in functional areas with leaders identified for each area. CER teams usually consist of three to five persons. These typically include: organization and staffing; engineering and facilities; materials management; execution planning and contracting; cost schedule and controls; management systems and procedures; government regulations and requirements; and other areas depending upon the scope of work.
Based on the in-depth discussions and upon the attainment of consistent positions, a draft of the summary closeout report is prepared for review by key members of the project team.
CER methodology, may be also applicable to organization analysis with identification of strengths and weakness on regard of project management unit where the focus of the analysis in not anymore on one project, but in an investment portfolio. Coordination among projects with resources sharing is the typical project coordination issues at this level. Pontus is able to apply CER methodology to review the organization and propose improvement plans.