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Project Management is Pontus International’s mission.
Project management services are applicable in all phases of a project, from the initial concept through implementation, to the final commissioning and handover of an operational project. It is therefore important that a client be aware of the full scope of services that can be provided.

Project management services would normally include certain basic services such as the following:
• planning and scheduling;
• budgeting and estimating;
• cost control and accounting;
• quality control;
• regular reporting.

In addition to these basic services, depending upon the particular project, project management services
would also include the following items:
• translating the client’s requirements, operational needs and constraints into the language of the technology needed for the project;
• defining the project requirements, including scope, quality and overall budget and schedule of work;
• preparing project policies and procedures;
• assisting in securing project financing and arranging sale/leaseback or other appropriate financial arrangements;
• advising the client of decisions required in relation to legal and insurance considerations;
• advising the client as to the suitability of alternative sites or premises under consideration for the project;
• advising and assisting the client in respect of the approval process with statutory authorities and the procurement of requisite permits;
• structuring the project into manageable sub-entities;
• prequalifying, recommending, selecting, and negotiating contracts with consultants;
• managing the design for conformity with the agreed project requirements and budget, and administering design changes;
• Change management, evaluation and control
• arranging and co-ordinating the procurement, expediting and quality control of all required materials, equipment and services, including those supplied by the client;
• procuring construction/implementation, including pre-qualification, tendering, contract negotiation, contract administration, and expediting, as appropriate;
• managing construction/implementation for conformity with approved design, including detailed scheduling and co-ordination, management of inspection, administration of construction changes, approvals of progress claims, completion certificates, management of deficiency and warranty work, commission, operating manuals and record documentation.